Moving the blog to a new host.

So I decided to not use WA as my host anymore. Mainly because they block a lot of plugins that I wanted to install! Instead I went with, (affiliate link.) Why did I choose them? Well, a friend of mine referred me, not only that, I chose them based on my contact I had with Interserver support. I asked if I could bring 5-6 WP instances there way, and they said that would be OK! I was very happy with this, because I have 4 blogs right now, and 2 other sites waiting to be started. Not only that, but Interserver support did a fine job of assisting me when I didn’t receive a confirmation email from them. It was because I needed to verify the card on file somehow. That got taken care of by using PayPal, (yay!)
Lol but before I transferred everything from WA, I did a stupid, stupid thing. I forgot to export the content, (bad, bad me!) I should know better! So all my posts were lost, I did manage to get a couple of them back because the same friend who referred me to Interserver copied them before his DNS cache expired. I’ll be reformatting and posting those in the next day or so.

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