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  1. Which hosting package did you choose at InMotionHosting? I’ve been considering switching to them for a while now. Of course, the cost is what I’d be concerned about. Do you mind sharing a bit more details on the package your using and how much you’re paying for it? I ran some speed tests against my domain hosted at Interserver using the following speed test tool that I recommend you share with your readers.

    That’s the tool I used, and I noticed that I was getting a D plus.

    That’s not good, because Google expects sites to be 300ms or less.
    Inmotion Hosting by the way, gives an A plus with this tool, which means your sites are fast enough to satisfy Google’s requirements.
    I hope you enjoy the new host! Do the servers feel snappy? I’ve been noticing a lag on the current Interserver shared hosting plan lately. From the time it takes my domain to actually appear to when I press enter to load it, their is certainly a slowdown their. Perhaps I should make the switch while I can to InMotion Hosting myself. I am trying to run an e-commerce website, after all. And Interserver is just a tad too slow. Not that they suck or anything, I’ll never say that. But I’m concerned about the laggyness I’m getting.

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