This blog changed hosts again.

Mostly because I really needed a place that would let me host unlimited sites. I signed up for In Motion Hosting. Unfortunately, I forgot to export my content again! Blah, this is the second time I’ve done this when changing hosts, lol! I’m going to repost the post from last night.

Starting the design process.

Someone on WA sent me a private message the other day, she’s a graphic designer, so she asked what I wanted, and I explained it to her. One of the things I wanted was a logo for this here blog! I’m going to be getting one, and depending on how long it takes, I should have it up in the next week or so! That’s just to start out with though. I’ll also be getting a logo and business cards for my Shopify store! Needless to say, things are progressing along fairly well.
Also in slightly related news, I still haven’t decided which WP theme to get, but it won’t be one from ThemeForest. They make you pay for each domain you want to use the theme for, and if some themes are $50, and I’m paying 4-5 times, it could get expensive. I think I’ve decided to go with StudeoPress, (but this time I’m going to actually buy the theme.) I’m stuck between 2 themes right now. I like the second one just a bit better than the first, but everyone I ask pretty much likes the first one.

A question for the readers, and an update on the designer-hunting process.

I’ve started looking for a designer for my Shopify project! I messaged someone on Etsy, but we got to the point of talking about rates and logistics, and he hasn’t messaged me back yet. I’m waiting until tomorrow to message someone else, just in case he does find his way back to our conversation.
OK, I have some general questions for anyone who might wander by this here blog. Does my theme look OK? Is my text readable? Lol it’s readable to me, but then again I’m using a screen reader. In other words, does the site work OK for you? I’m thinking about getting one of the premium themes through ThemeForest. I’d really enjoy your comments, so that hopefully I can make the site work better. I usually reply within 24 hours.

Waiting for my Amazon card!

Not the store card, but the Amazon rewards Visa signature. I applied for this Friday, and I’m hoping to get it tomorrow! I applied because I need a card with a high limit for Shopify, and I can’t use my debit card. Before you go asking why I’d need a high-limit card to start an online store, I’m going into the swag-selling business. I don’t plan to sell T-shirts, or clothing of any kind. I plan to sell things like mugs, bags, phone cases, laptop skins, and possibly custom journals. The reason I need a high-limit card for this, is because I’m going to have the swag dropshipped from a print-on-demand company. Research tells me that you need a high-limit card for this kind of thing. I didn’t want to get a business card, because those come with lots and lots of fees!
Also semi-related, I’m looking for a good designer! I need a graphic designer, with about 1-2 years, (or more, of course,) experience who will charge me $150 or less, who’s willing to collaborate with a person who’s totally blind, who has no idea about design whatsoever! Also I’ll give you credit for your work inside my shop, but please don’t put a watermark on the design. I’ll have someone look it over before I put it on any product.


I’m running the Lifestyle theme right now. This is a child theme of Omega. I really do like it! Someone from WealthyAffiliate recommended it to me. I really do have a lot of respect for her, she’s done a lot of trainings and can answer lots of questions!

Moving the blog to a new host.

So I decided to not use WA as my host anymore. Mainly because they block a lot of plugins that I wanted to install! Instead I went with, (affiliate link.) Why did I choose them? Well, a friend of mine referred me, not only that, I chose them based on my contact I had with Interserver support. I asked if I could bring 5-6 WP instances there way, and they said that would be OK! I was very happy with this, because I have 4 blogs right now, and 2 other sites waiting to be started. Not only that, but Interserver support did a fine job of assisting me when I didn’t receive a confirmation email from them. It was because I needed to verify the card on file somehow. That got taken care of by using PayPal, (yay!)
Lol but before I transferred everything from WA, I did a stupid, stupid thing. I forgot to export the content, (bad, bad me!) I should know better! So all my posts were lost, I did manage to get a couple of them back because the same friend who referred me to Interserver copied them before his DNS cache expired. I’ll be reformatting and posting those in the next day or so.