Hope’s Life Story.

First and most importantly, I’m a Christ-follower. This means that above anything and everything, my mission and life’s purpose is to do the Lord’s will in my life, and to serve him each day. I’ve been totally blind since birth, this means I cant’ see anything, and unlike some blind people, I don’t have light perception. I answered 31 common questions here on my personal blog.
I’ve had a very fortunate life, and have been able to enjoy various adventures, like skydiving and bungee jumping, both twice!I’d like to do both things again sometime!
I blog prolificly, so I decided that this year was going to be the year I jumped into the online business journey with both feet. I joined Wealthy Affiliate, back in January, and have been learning everything I can ever since! I started this blog to document my experiences and experiments as I go about setting up businesses, and learning everything about how to blog in my first niche. In the next 3-4 months, I plan to set up a Shopify store, yeah I already know what the niche will be but I’m not telling.
My contact info is as follows:
Email: hope (at) my biz adventures dotcom
Twitter: @mybizadventures, and @hopeslife83
Facebook: like the Twitter account, the blog has a Facebook page, you can find this here: https://m.facebook.com/mybizadventures/ You can find my personal Facebook ffeed at: http://facebook.com/hopeslife83
You can find me on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noelle-williamson-903323133
I do have a Pinterest account but don’t know the URL